About Our Shop in Katy, TX

The Community Experts

We’re serious when we say we ‘breathe’ quality customer service and auto repair. Since we first started serving the Katy area back in 1989 (has it really been that long?), we’ve helped hundreds of customers and vehicles get the quality auto service that they need. Our ‘hunger’ for meeting the highest level of customer service and auto care only grows with each vehicle we work on and every customer we meet.

It’s one thing to talk about that passion, it’s another thing to act on it. We look to “put our money where our mouth is” when it comes to this passion. How so? By challenging each of our staff members in education and performance. Along with our mechanics and technicians being ASE and ASA certified, we push them to go back to school to obtain the latest diagnostic skills on the newest vehicles out today. It may be a lot, but when it comes to learning about the latest trends and technologies, we want to make sure we are up-to-date. As for performance, our mechanics and technicians are put to the test as our shop works on all makes and models. That means regardless of what vehicle you bring into our shop (domestic, import, German, Japanese, etc.) we will have the expertise to take care of your vehicle.

The Extra Mile

Quality auto repair doesn’t simply mean doing the repair and being on your way. For us, we define “quality auto repair” as going well beyond what customers expect an auto repair shop to do. What do we mean? Well, we mean following each part of a repair or replacement instead of skipping steps. We mean doing an oil change, and just the oil change, instead of trying to upsell you on nonsense products or repairs. We mean properly consulting you when we find something wrong, instead of blindly upcharging.

We understand how auto shops can take advantage of unsuspecting customers and we work to make sure our processes are as transparent as possible. From the front desk to the garage.

Think you’re ready for the Cinco Car Care treatment? Give us a call at 281-395-3434 or visit our ‘Schedules’ page to book an appointment with us! Did you run into a car emergency and need immediate service? No worries! Visit our shop at 22030 Highland Knolls Drive. We happily accept walk-ins* and work hard to provide you with a prompt turnaround so you can get back to your life.

We look forward to meeting!

*Wait times will vary based on availability