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Routine Maintenance – Best Way To Minimize Auto Repair Costs

  There are a lot of things you should take care with your car, most especially when you are into keeping its condition as good as when the first day you bought it. Doing so might sound costly for some, yet of course, none of us would like to spend more cash for extreme repair or […]

General Maintenance Tips

 At every oil change Cinco Car CARE will make sure to check the following: 1. Belts – cracks or glazed belts can slip/break 2. Brakes – leaks or damaged components 3. Battery- weak or leaking battery can leave you stranded 4. Tires – low, has nail or hole, bald, wear? 5. Spare – low, damaged? […]

Do Your Regular Service

Putting off maintenance can harm your wallet/bank account later. Changing your oil and the other fluids in your vehicle are vital in keeping you engine, transmission, cooling system, brakes and power steering components properly lube and working. Get problems checked out sooner rather than later. You can cause more problems by waiting.     Make […]

Jump Starting Your Car

If for any reason you are unsure, do not attempt.   1. Read your owner’s manual to see the manufacturer’s rules on how to jump start your car if you can; 2. Make sure the two vehicles are not touching; 3. Turn ignition key in both cars to (off) position; 4. Put on eye protection; […]

Vacation Driving Checklist

Vacation travel time is upon us. Be proactive and have your vehicle checked out before you take that vacation drive!  Whether you are going across the country, across the state or across the city for the dreaded visit with your in laws, remember, it is always more economical and convenient to perform preventative maintenance on […]

Importance Of Preventive Maintenance

What do we mean by “preventive vehicle maintenance”? Preventive vehicle maintenance means keeping all the systems and features functioning as closely as possible to the manufacturer’s original design intentions.     Routine maintenance should be an ongoing process that begins when the vehicle is new, because any machine that receives use will also accumulate wear. […]

Service Reminders

Routine Maintenance Oil Changes Every 3,000 miles or 3 months – Synthetic every 5,000 miles Use oil and filter recommended by owner’s manual; Check oil at any chance to make sure you are not low on oil Air Filters Every 6 months or 10,000 miles Brakes Every 6,000 miles you should have your brakes checked. […]

The New Website And Our 20 Year Anniversary!

We have launched our new website. We are excited because it has some great Social Media functionality that the old site didn’t have. Here are some of the new things: Blog – We want to provide you with a lot more information to help you take better care of your car Social Media Sharing – […]

How To Check Your Tire Pressure

  Why is it important: Helps maximize fuel efficiency, provides a more comfortable ride, and most importantly makes for a safer drive How Often: Once a month What do you need: Tire pressure gauge (Less than $15), car manual Pre-Check: Find out what your tire pressure should be.  You can check: your car manual, the sticker on the […]

How To Check Your Oil

How Often: Every time you fill up gas What Do You Need: A Rag Or Paper Towel (and maybe your car manual) Pre-Check: Car is in park and on level ground Engine is not hot so you don’t burn yourself Check: Find the dipstick (check your manual if you aren’t sure) Pull it all the way […]