Routine Maintenance – Best Way To Minimize Auto Repair Costs


There are a lot of things you should take care with your car, most especially when you are into keeping its condition as good as when the first day you bought it. Doing so might sound costly for some, yet of course, none of us would like to spend more cash for extreme repair or overhauling. However, routine maintenance can help car owners in minimizing auto repair costs.

Oil Change – one should keep oil change regularly. But how often this should take?  Oil changes should be done in every after 3,000 miles of driving or every 3 months and in rare cases, every after 5,000 miles of driving. In doing so, the owner should ask the mechanic to use oil and filter recommended by the owner’s manual. For owners, they should also take the responsibility of checking the oil at any chance to make sure the car is not low on oil.

Check the Air Filters – this should be done in every six months or every after 10,000 miles of driving. By keeping the air filters well maintained, the owner will be able to maintain the powerful output of the motors.

Check the Brakes – obviously this is to ensure safety while driving. Checking of brakes should be done every after 6,000 miles of driving.

Charging of Battery– it is to keep battery’s life longer and in good condition. It should be done every 6 months. But there’s a way to quickly restore the battery. And they are as follows;


  1. Driving at a constant speed can give the alternator a chance to charge more evenly than stop-and-go.
  2. While charging, one must keep all accessories such as radio and air condition.
  3. Headlights also consume a part of power and having them off boost the amount of electricity saves in the battery. This concludes that driving during the day is preferred.


Check the belts – this should be practice every year. Of course, none would like to risk their lives with unsafe belts.


Considering all these factors will surely save you time and money from untimely taking your car back to your auto mechanics.

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