Importance Of Preventive Maintenance

What do we mean by “preventive vehicle maintenance”? Preventive vehicle maintenance means keeping all the systems and features functioning as closely as possible to the manufacturer’s original design intentions.



Routine maintenance should be an ongoing process that begins when the vehicle is new, because any machine that receives use will also accumulate wear. Proactively tending to your vehicle’s maintenance needs is likely help your vehicle start, run, and stop as the manufacturer intended, so you get the maximum amount of performance, reliability, and service life. Periodic inspections of the vehicle’s systems are the easiest way to monitor its health.



Tips for better gas mileage:


  • Keep air filter clean
  • Keep your tires properly inflated
  • Use the recommended grade of oil
  • Don’t carry extra weight and try to keep trunk empty.
Along with preventive maintenance we have given some main Auto Care Service Reminders.

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