How To Check Your Tire Pressure


Why is it important: Helps maximize fuel efficiency, provides a more comfortable ride, and most importantly makes for a safer drive

How Often: Once a month

What do you need: Tire pressure gauge (Less than $15), car manual


  1. Find out what your tire pressure should be.  You can check: your car manual, the sticker on the inside of the driver door or the raised lettering on the outside of the tire
  2. Find a gas station within a mile of where you are at if possible.  You want the tires as cool as possible


  1. Remove the cap on the tire’s valve stem
  2. Place the pressure gauge evenly onto the valve stem (do quickly since it will start to release air until you get it on securely)
  3. Check the pressure on the gauge
  4. Pull the gauge off of the valve stem
  5. Add air if needed (and then recheck)
  6. Replace the cap on the tire valve once the air pressure is to the correct level

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