General Maintenance Tips

 At every oil change Cinco Car CARE will make sure to check the following:

1. Belts – cracks or glazed belts can slip/break

2. Brakes – leaks or damaged components

3. Battery- weak or leaking battery can leave you stranded

4. Tires – low, has nail or hole, bald, wear?

5. Spare – low, damaged?

6. Windshield Wipers – clear windshield

7. Hoses – dry, hard or leaking?

These items can cause overheating, breakdown, lose of A/C, power steering and overall control of car.

Overheating – If your vehicle overheats… stop immediately! You risk damage to your engine if you continue to drive vehicle hot.

If your vehicle dies while driving and it was overheating… do not open the Radiator Cap due to being hot and could possibly cause bad burning. Do not try to crank it. If a belt has broken you could damage the engine.

Brakes – squeal and squeaks could be glazed, grinding, scrapping could be damaging something. Either way let us check. It’s Free!

Battery – Did you know a long crank or hard start could be a battery, alternator or starter? If you notice any of these occur make sure to stop in to check it before your car stops on you!

Tires – If you have a flat tire and see no hole put enough air to drive to the shop. If there is a hole, call about a road service. If your spare is damaged or low on pressure you could become stranded. Most spare tires are not meant for everyday driving (unless full sized spare) and can cause a hazard if driving at high speeds. Please read the information on your spare before you use it.

Wipers – If your wipers do not clean your windshield properly this could present a safety hazard.

Hoses – If you have never changed your hoses they could start leaking. The 200 degree fluids that run through these hoses breaks them down after a while, they will get hard, leak and also can get soft and leak. These leaks can damage a number of other components.

General and preventative maintenance of your car saves you money over the long term.  Give us a call (281-395-3434) or just stop by.

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