How To Check Your Oil

How Often: Every time you fill up gas

What Do You Need: A Rag Or Paper Towel (and maybe your car manual)


  1. Car is in park and on level ground
  2. Engine is not hot so you don’t burn yourself


  1. Find the dipstick (check your manual if you aren’t sure)
  2. Pull it all the way out and wipe off all the oil with your paper towel or rag
  3. Insert it all the way back in
  4. Pull the dipstick all the way back out and check the oil level.  If there is not an L and H (Low and High) or a Min and Max then check your manual.
  5. Only add a quart of home remedies for herpes oil if the oil is at the Min or L or below.  If it is anywhere between the two marks then you are fine

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