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Do Your Regular Service

Putting off maintenance can harm your wallet/bank account later. Changing your oil and the other fluids in your vehicle are vital in keeping you engine, transmission, cooling system, brakes and power steering components properly lube and working. Get problems checked out sooner rather than later. You can cause more problems by waiting.     Make […]

Jump Starting Your Car

If for any reason you are unsure, do not attempt.   1. Read your owner’s manual to see the manufacturer’s rules on how to jump start your car if you can; 2. Make sure the two vehicles are not touching; 3. Turn ignition key in both cars to (off) position; 4. Put on eye protection; […]

Importance Of Preventive Maintenance

What do we mean by “preventive vehicle maintenanceā€? Preventive vehicle maintenance means keeping all the systems and features functioning as closely as possible to the manufacturer’s original design intentions.     Routine maintenance should be an ongoing process that begins when the vehicle is new, because any machine that receives use will also accumulate wear. […]